Beach wedding arch with real tropical flowers.

Beach Wedding

We just returned from the beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While enjoying the sun, a few friends and I could not help but sneak a peek as they set up this lovely beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Decorations

The beautiful wedding decor included a floral arch for nuptials and pictures, two large glass vases of Strelitzia bird of paradise, an outdoor table setting, and a gorgeous tropical flower table runner.

A beautiful beach wedding arch.

Tropical Flower Arrangement

The floral arch for the ceremony was stunning and so simple! A tropical garland is offset to one side of the metal arch secured in the sand.

Let’s just take a minute and bask in this burst of vivid color and sunshine.

A beautiful beach wedding arch.

Tropical Flower Names

Some of the flowers within the garland include Strelitzia bird of paradise, the Lobster Claw (Heliconia rostrata), Ginger (Zingiberaceae), Maraca Ginger (Zingiber spectabilis), Protea, and Orchids.

Exotic Foliage

A lush selection of foliage is paired with and then intertwined in the garland. It complements the look and feel of exotic, colorful blooms.

The variety of leaves includes Dieffenbachia, also called the leopard lily,
Split-leaf Philodendron (Monstera deliciosa) and Majesty Palm (Ravenna rivularis).

Beautiful beach wedding flowers.

Outdoor Table Setting

The table setting itself is quite simple if you break it down. It consists of wooden plates, silverware, pink glasses, napkins, and glass hurricanes.

A colorful beach wedding table setting with real tropical flowers.

Floral Table Runner

Then the star of the show arrived, the stunning tropical flower runner. And that’s when the table comes alive! Ahhh, the power of flowers.

A beautiful table setting with real tropical flowers.
Beach wedding table with real tropical flowers.
A beautiful floral table.
A colorful and tropical table setting.

Whether planning a beach wedding or simply a small fête for friends, may you find inspiration in the addition of nature and the colorful brilliance it adds!


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  1. You captured some great photos Cindy! I’m so glad you are sharing them… they were so beautiful! <3 KB

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