How to Make Artificial Hanging Flower Baskets (Fall DIY)

Learn how easy it is to create a hanging floral arrangement for your home with fake flowers using these step-by-step instructions.

An artificial hanging flower basket.

Hey friends! Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for how to make artificial hanging flower baskets with this Fall DIY.

You can make arrangements the same way for any season of the year. Just choose a color palette you love.

They are a great low-maintenance option for a place in your home that needs a focal point.

Would you like to make one yourself?

Come along and add a bit of sunshine to your home, porch, or patio with this quick and easy tutorial.

Flower Wall Decor

I have a corner wall on our screen porch that needed a little somethin’-somethin’.

I knew I would never take the time to water and care for it because it is outside and out of my line of vision.

Out of sight and out of mind!

Along came Crazy Aunt Patty again with another idea for this spot.

Before I could say “FAUX FLOWERS,” we were on our way to Michael’s. 😂

In under 2 hours (including shopping and driving home), she made this fall flower arrangement for my screen porch.

Would you like to try one? I will walk you through the process so you can do it too.

Fall Planter Ideas

First, you’ll need to decide on a general floral color palette, type of flowers, and container to use.

Measure the container and the approximate height you’d like the arrangement to be.

Take pictures of the vessel and the room. Bring all that information along when you shop!

See more flower arranging ideas HERE.

See Patty’s last faux plant arrangement DIY project here.

Hanging Flower Basket Ideas

Here are a handful of hanging containers if you do not have one yet! The first two designs are similar to mine.

Metal Hanging Basket

Hanging Planter Basket

I also found these other styles on Amazon. (Affiliate links below)

Wrought Iron Hanging Basket

Black Hanging Basket

Hanging Planter

Fall Flower Arrangements

Before you start flower shopping, maybe you need a little fall flower inspiration. I’ve got you!

Here’s a link to a roundup of so many beautiful fall arrangements.

Many are faux, a few are real, and others are a combination.

Materials for Creating Flower Decoration at Home

Here’s what you’ll need to create your fall arrangement.

Flower Stems a variety to fit your basket
Floral Foam Base to fit your container
Exacto Knife or foam cutting knife
Wire Cutter
Planter Container basket or planter
Plant Liners optional

(I bought all of my flowers and supplies at Michael’s)

Finding your Artificial Fall Flowers

Check which stores carry faux flowers in your area.

Look online or contact craft, hobby, or home decor stores.

Determine which stores you want to visit and which fits your style and budget best.

Sources for faux flower stems and supplies:

JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
Hobby Lobby

Try these links for a great selection of faux flowers:

Pottery Barn
West Elm

Shopping for your Faux/Fake Flowers

Patricia’s strategy is to fill the cart with an assortment and then edit it down, which I think works well!

Here are more tips. 😉

Take your time.
Trust your gut.
Buy what you love.
Buy more than you need, then return what you don’t use.
Bring a friend for help.
Allow yourself enough time to shop.
Have fun, and enjoy the process!

Grab a cart, and begin to select an assortment of the flowers you like.

Just take out a stem or two of each of your favorites.

Step back to look from various angles, or try taking pictures with your phone.

It’s amazing how much easier it is to make a decision when you can see it from different viewpoints.

Combine different types of flowers until you find some options you like.

Consider varying heights; use one upright variety, one trailing vine, and another that’s in between. Repeat.

Handle all flowers with care. Faux blooms and leaves can be fragile and sensitive to folding or denting.

Some varieties are flexible, but others may not recover, and you may not notice until you start putting your arrangement together.

How to Make Outdoor Hanging Flower Baskets

Below are the steps that Patricia took to make this hanging flower basket.

1 Gather your materials together in a well-lit working space.

You will need your container, flower stems, floral foam, scissors, Exacto knife, and wire cutter.

You may also need a base to support your container if it has a rounded bottom.

We first tried a bowl, but an old pillow worked much better. 😁 

2 Cut the foam base if necessary to fit your container.

We needed to piece two foam shapes together to fit our container.

Patricia started with the cube, then quartered a half-sphere to support the center. See below.

3 Start in the center, then work your way outward.

With a firm grip, push each stem into floral foam until it is stable. Cut stems apart if necessary or bend them to fit your arrangement.

Don’t be shy; most faux stems are adjustable and bend fairly easily. 

4 Play around. Fan out the flowers or spread their branches or leaves when needed. 

After you have the vertical center area complete, place your arrangement in your plant container.

5 Continue to add different flower and leaf varieties.

Pull back the branches from your first planting, and push the next set of stems into the floral foam.

6 Keep planting additional flowers until you feel you have the correct amount.

To finish, spread out the flowers and adjust them to fill any gaps.

When you are confident that you like the look of the plant arrangement, remove any remaining tags.

Hang and enjoy!

Now you know how incredibly straightforward it is to make your own DIY Artificial Flower Baskets.

If you try this or any Bloom creative project, I’d love to hear about it in the comment box below!

Happy planting!

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